Welcome to the unit „Heilige Engel“ (Holy Angels) of the German Catholic Scout Organisation (DPSG). Our unit is associated to the parish of the church community „Heilige Engel“ in Hannover in Lower Saxony in Germany. Since our foundation in 1998, our unit grew to its actual size of 150 members.

International contacts are very important to us. Again and again we have guest-leaders from the whole world with us in our team of leaders, or exchange students in our groups. We also had international meetings with scouts from Hungary, France, Scotland, Latvia, Poland, Norwa, England and Bolivia.

On Pentecost, the whole scout unit is gathering for a large camp. In summer, the younger ones are exploring northern Germany and the older are going on longer trips, oftentimes to foreign countries. The yearly program is completed with weekend adventures and community events.

Documentation and pictures of our actions can be found in the chronicle and in the foto gallery.
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